Honeypot Game

Honeypot Game is an economic blockchain game based on smart contracts, designed to create a stable and safe financial instrument for everybody. Players build and develop their apiary to collect as much honey as possible, using different game strategies depending on the game budget. Honey in the game is represented as Honey Token (HNY - hani) game tokens. HNY can always be purchased or sold for Tether (USDT), at a fixed rate.

Security and Transparency

The game is executed on smart contracts in the Binance Smart Chain, so that data security is ensured by a decentralized BSC network. We are one of the few who care for the financial security of our players. Therefore, before starting the game, a smart contract audit is performed to eliminate the possibility of even the smallest errors in the code. The verification is performed by Certik, TOP-1 in the field of blockchain security. The audit result will be publicly available. All smart contract codes will be verified and made freely available to users. Any player who wants to know the code and rules of the game can do it himself!